About Absolution

Absolution is a fantasy horror comic written and drawn by me, @theysellpizza. The story follows Felix as he traverses the maze of the afterlife. Content warning for violence, and blood/gore.

About the Author

I like my anonymity, though if you looked more than not at all you could find me elsewhere as I go by TheySellPizza on all corners of the web. This is just a passion project, I'm not too terribly interested in monitizing this or much of my other art at all. I do have an etsy shop where I sell enamel pins and pinback buttons. If you're interested, you can follow the button labelled "shop". It usually takes me about a month or two to finish each chapter, but I don't have a hard release schedule. I work at my own pace, which sometimes is slow lol. If you'd like to reach out, the comment box on the homepage is the best way. If you want a reply, you have to give me a way to reach you back like an email address or something.

If you can't tell already I am self taught lol. I love it though, and strive to improve all the time. I like the style I've cultivated, even if it's rough. I draw a lot of inspiration from film and tv, and from music. I'm a fan of film overall, the good the bad and the ugly. I try to find something to appreciate in everything, even if the whole isn't so great. There's almost always something to appreciate. My favorite movie is Phantom of the Paradise(1974), my favorite tv show is Psych(2006), and my favorite band is Ghost, although I have to unfortunately admit to being a kpop stan- specifically TAEMIN.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my page and to read my babble here. I just want to share my work somewhere, even if no one is very interested but me lol.

About the Page

This page is mostly just for hosting my webcomic right now, but if I don't absolutely hate this HTML stuff then I might use it for other stuff too.

I was hosting it on a G*ogle domain but their policies are a bit too stringent for me. This comic is my favorite thing and I would hate for it to be policed away because of the increasing sanitization of the internet. Not that I think it's overly gratuitous or anything, but you know how it is.

The original layout for this site was made by EGGRAMEN, but I've put a good amount of work into it to make it my own. I only could have done it with the backbones of EGGRAMEN's work though, so thank you. The background is mine, although I don't mind if you want to use it.


So it's actually been a while since I first launched this site, about a year and a half I guess. In that time I've leared a lot about HTML and CSS and have fallen in love with Neocities as a whole. I've since made a much bigger personal site, NotSellingPizza. I'd love for you to visit if you come across this message. There is MUCH more to see there, and I tend to update it more frequently than I do this site.