Dear Readers

I sincerely apologize for my extremely slow updates. My personal life has taken priorty the past year or so, but I'm hoping everything will calm down soon. If you're still here, I want to thank you. I'm always surprised to see that anyone would click on this horrible thumbnail, much less continue on to look at my stuff.

Hopefully I get back to semi-regular updates, and I'm working on a new layout for this site as well. I uploaded the next chapter today(5/11/23), chapter 7. Thanks for your patience.


This is the home page. You can use the buttons below to navigate to the first page of the comic or to the first page of the most recent chapter, or to the archive for somewhere else. Content warning for some blood and gore. Thank you for reading!
refresh 2 change song
Here's a song my friend created for the comic. I think it really captures the vibe I'm going for.

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